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Focus on You

As I strong person, I have encountered a number of people over my life who have tried to put me down or make me feel less than myself. I have always ignored these people because I believe in me and I will not allow anyone to make me feel bad about myself. I have always been a hard worker who strives to conquer any challenges that may come my way. Believe me there have been plenty. These challenges have caused me to question my journey, cry, laugh, and get upset. These challenges have caused me to question my faith and things I believe in. I do not, however, allow another person’s opinion to affect my belief in myself. As a friend once told me years ago, what you think of yourself is your business, what others think of you is not your business.

People have a crabs in a barrel mentality. They will tear you down rather than build you up. They look for ways to exploit situations and instead of being encouraging, they seek instead to exaggerate the situation and make it worse. Be strong in who you are, make your goals and reach for the stars to achieve them. Be a fighter. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Help others. If you have information that can help someone else, share it. Information is power and can provide the knowledge you need to make the next step or help someone who is struggling. Be powerful in who you are.

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